Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Good Morning!!!

Well, I am really going to try to be a better blogger! Going to try to shot for blogging at least once a week and see if I can do that!!!
Tons and Tons of new stuff at Lizzie's Lovelies!!! I have more crochet patterns than I can get made at this point, but I love getting to pull out new patterns to try all the time! :) I have started to make some super cute crochet appliques that look really cute on lined alligator clips! They also make super cute pins! My purse will be sporting a cute pumpkin! I also have candy corn and some really cute Christmas items (gingerbread man, tree, reindeer) and a snowflake which looks REALLY awesome!!! I might add a pumpkin clip to my Etsy soon!
If you haven't checked out my Etsy site, please check it out soon!! I have TONS of new crochet items on there, lots of them can be custom made in the size and/or color that you want! I will leave you with a picture of my cutie pie man and a picture of cutie pie Evie girl.....both are growing up WAY to fast!!! Thankfully though, both LOVE wearing stuff made by their Mama or God Mother!!!! I hope that NEVER changes!!!