Friday, December 17, 2010

New Giveaway!

This will be the last giveaway before Christmas! You will win a free snowflake bow and a free Valentine's Day bow! They will be mailed out tomorrow, December 18, so that, hopefully, you will get them in time to use as stocking stuffers! The drawing will be held tonight, December 19 at about 9pm. You can get a general entry by filling out the form. You can also get extra entries by filling out the form additional times after you have shared this giveaway on your blog, on your facebook page, or ordered items from the website! All website items have FREE SHIPPING right now! This will end later tonight, so get your order in now! All items are ready to be shipped and will be sent out within 24 hours! Have a wonderful holiday with your family and friends!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Website!!!

Lizzie's Lovelies now has a website!!! The address is:
Please stop by and check it out!!!!

We are also having some grand opening specials!!!!
For each item purchased, you will be entered in a drawing to win a free Canvas Christmas Ornament! It will be green, red, and white and feature the year on the top and patterns on all the other sides and bottom. If you purchase 4 items in your order, than you will get four entries in the drawing. This is good until December 16th! The winner will be picked December 17th!!!
Also, every order will receive a free gift with their order!!

I will no longer be accepting orders through my facebook page. I have a contact me button on my fan page and webpage so if you want to request a custom order, please do so by contacting me through there.

Thanks so much!!! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Help me with my Holiday Bazaar!!!

Have you ever wished that YOU could design a sale for an online store??? Now is your chance! Please leave your suggestions on what you would like to see as sale items for our Holiday Bazaar??? Discounts on multiple items?? Free shipping?? Please share your wonderful ideas with me!!! I would love to do something new for this sale!!! Thanks so much and make sure to check out Lizzie's Lovelies on facebook Monday- Wednesday for our SALE!!!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Club, New Items, and New Night of Savings!!!

I have decided to try a bow of the month club. These three bows will be mailed out by Nov.1 and would be for November, December, and January. The November one will be brown with pink or brown with Turkey (you can pick, limited number of Turkey ones), December will be reindeer or gingerbread man (your choice), and for January it will be a blue,pink, white striped one or I Love Snow (your choice, limited number of I Love Snow ones).
These two Bow Sets are available! Please leave your paypal or e-mail address with the set that you want. Invoices will be sent out on Saturday. Payment will be due Monday, Oct. 4. All bows will be sent out no later than Nov.1. I will contact you once I have received payment to set up which bows you want.

Medium Set- 3 bows that are 2 inch 1 inch Bows- Usually $5.00 a piece or more. You will get all 3 for $12!!! (unless you choose the Turkey charm, that will be an extra $.50). Shipping will only be $1!

This set is also available as a pigtail set for $24, which would mean you would get 6 bows, 3 matching sets. You may comment on this post to sign up or go to the Discussions tab on my facebook page! Registrations will be accepted through Friday!

I got in my first order of bottlecaps! Below is a picture of the bottlecaps available. I only have, at most, 2 of each style (Mommy's Princess is already SOLD OUT). These can be made on any ribbon you want. I also have included some of my 2 inch bows with bottlecaps. These are $4.00 each. Want a special bottlecap or different ribbon or size??? Just let me know and I will try to do it!

I have also started making some felt items! This is the most popular...a cupcake can be done with or without sprinkles and with or without a cherry. All felt shapes have the white stiches on them. Please contact me for prices. I also have a candy corn and princess crown with jewels that can be done with a name also. Coming soon: Turkeys, Holly leaves with berries, Christmas trees, and snowflakes.

Also new to my shop are crochet flower scrunchies! Perfect to support your school, help keep your hair in a bun for ballet, or for everyday use!!! Can be made in a variety of colors! You get to pick 1, 2, or 3 colors to be used!

Please come and visit my facebook page this Thursday, September 30 for a comment game. I will be clearancing some items and also posting items that I only have 1 or 2 left of. Shipping for your entire order will be only $1!!!! Please join us for the fun! I will be having some giveaways too! I will do a giveaway here if we reach 100 followers by Thursday, 8pmEST. If we reach 150, I will have two winners! A contest form will be added once we reach 100!!! Please join us on our facebook fan page too at!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

SALE week!!

Make sure to check out Lizzie's Lovelies on Facebook for SALE week! Everyday new items will be for SALE!!! Check out the Discussions tab on the facebook page for all of the info. about how to purchase!!!

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1200 Facebook Fan Contest

A BRAND NEW CONTEST!!! The only requirement is that you MUST be a facebook fan!!! Just fill out the form below....the winner will be getting a brand-new crochet flower band!!!! Good luck to everyone!!! The winner will be picked once my fan page reaches 1200! Good luck to everyone!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

New Finished Hat!!!

Here are some pictures of the new hat I made! I think it turned out pretty cute, especially since I didn't use a pattern!!! I made my like the bottom two pictures but it can be made the other way too! Which one is your favorite?? Should I start to sell these?? Hope you like them!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Winner is.....

The winner is Brenda Butler! I am making a hat. It is a boy hat. It was intended for my son, but it is too small, which is crazy since I even measured his head for it! So, it will have to go to someone who is having a baby boy or has a boy younger than my little one!
Please check your e-mail inbox because everyone who entered will be receiving a code for FREE shipping on their next order from Lizzie's Lovelies of $10 or more. The code is good through September 14!!!
Thanks everyone for playing!! I will make sure and post a picture of the finished product!
Oh, and to the wonderful people that thought I could make a sweater....I am not THAT good at crocheting, yet! And thank you for all the wonderful new ideas about new creations to try!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Guessing Game!!!

This is a short guessing game. Winner will be chosen tonight at 10! All you have to do is guess what I am making from looking at the picture. First person to guess what I am making will win! The winner gets a FREE crochet flower (they can pick from available colors!) and all entries receive a code for FREE SHIPPING on their next order over $10 from Lizzie's Lovelies!!! Just fill out the form to enter...comments will not count. The codes will be good until September 14! So, here is the picture!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Going to Start Posting More Often:)

Sorry that this blog has been so neglected:(

My goal from now on is to be more active!!! I have come up with a new idea for my business but need some input on it!!! I am thinking of starting a crochet flower club. You would get three crochet flowers, one for each of the three months (the first three months would be Oct., Nov., and Dec.) for $12. That is $1 cheaper than them individually and with FREE SHIPPING!!! Orders would be due by Sept. 20th and all three crochet flowers would be mailed out on Oct. 1. You would get to have some choices on the buttons or color of flowers but some would be set by me. Would you be interested? If this goes well, then every three months, I would offer a new selection. Please let me know your thoughts! Would you purchase this?? Would you recommend to friends?? Please let me know....that way I can decide if I want to give this a try or not!!! Thanks!! Below are some samples of my crochet flowers.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


The Winner is Robyn!! Congratulations Robyn! Please e-mail me about your prizes! Thank you to everyone who participated!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Facebook Fan Contest

If you are also a facebook fan, you are eligible to enter this new contest! The Winner will receive this great Patriotic Star Bow and a $3 gift certificate! The bow size is 2 inches by 1 inch! You can enter three times! Make sure you pick one of the ways to enter each time! Good luck to everyone! Winner will be picked Thursday at 8pm!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Congratulations to Belinda B., Stephanie Y., and Jill A.!!! Thank you to everyone who entered!! Everyone who entered received an e-mail letting them know about their special discount!! You can only use the discount on one order and has to be used in two weeks! Congratulations to the winners!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Contest!!!! CONTEST IS OVER!!!!


Okay, to celebrate 300 fans on facebook, I am doing a special giveaway. Three people will win $5 gift certificates and everyone who enters will recieve a special discount at the end of the contest to use on any items that will be good for two weeks. To enter, you MUST be a facebook fan. If you are not currently a facebook fan, you can join now and enter! Enter first by not selecting an extra entry and then enter once for each extra entry (unless you order more than one item!) You may also get additional entries by:
1. Becoming a blog fan or already being a blog fan.
2. By adding my Etsy shop as one of your favorites, if you have already hearted my store, that counts.
3. By making any purchase while the contest is going on.
Looking forward to seeing who wins! The three winners will be chosen by random. org. Contest ends on May 16th at 9:30. Good luck to everyone!!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Winner!!!

The winner of the contest is Jenni Clark!!! Congratulations Jenni!!! Thank you to everyone who participated!!! Congratulations Jenni!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Plastic Canvas Blocks

I recently put up a new item in my Etsy Shop which is a set of alphabet blocks made of plastic canvas. The money from the sale will go to Elizabeth's New Life Center which is a wonderful organization here in Ohio that helps to protect the lives of unborn babies and also provides the parents with classes to help them learn how to care for their new bundle of joy. My grandfather helped this organization for the time that it started so the money will be given in his name since he passed away a few months ago. I am also excited because I was finally able to feature my sweet little boy on Etsy!!! He is the model in the pictures on the site. Here are the pictures of the blocks.

I have also made some other blocks which I might, in the future, be putting on Etsy. My husband's aunt made him and two of his brothers (he had one brother that wasn't born yet) plastic cubes for the christmas tree with their names on them. My nephew LOVED his Daddy's, so I made him one....and then made one for almost everyone in the family! Maybe this year I will make one for me! Here are pics of Gia's and Joshy's blocks.

The final set of blocks are blocks that are personalized for the child's name. Each block has 4 sides of one letter of their name with a pattern on the top and bottom. So far, I have been able to get a different pattern for each block, but I hope to one day do a whole alphabet with 26 blocks and I don't know if I can come up with that many different patterns. The girl ones are pink and purple and the boy ones are light blue and dark blue. Here are a few pictures of girl ones and boy ones.

When I named my shop, I wanted something that would allow me to sell other items, not just bows. I am waiting to see if my alphabet set sells....if it does, I might like individual blocks that people could pick letters for their kids names (I would show pics of done ones and have them ready except for the letters so that once I got an order, all I would need to do is add the letters and sew it together), like I did for Regina's (Gia) and James. I might also put up the Chistmas blocks closer to Christmas but those are limited to 6 letters. Let me know what you think! I always love to hear feedback from the people who would be buying the items!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Review and Giveaway for Sara B Creations!!!!

This is a wonderful Etsy Site that I have found! Sara makes beautiful handmade cards, bookmarks, and tags!

She sent me a bookmark with my name on it that I LOVE!!! Currently I was using a sales ad and am so excited to now have this gorgeous bookmark!

She also sent me this cute card! I love the cupcake design and that the ribbon has glitter on it! This would be the perfect card for a baby girl shower gift!! It is also the perfect size to attach to the front of a gift or gift bag to make it more personal!

The last item was a beautiful gift tag! It has music notes with green sparkles surrounding them. I really like the size of the tag too! It is big enough that you could write a message on it when giving it on a gift!

Sara B has tons of lovely cards and tags on her etsy site. She is also willing to do custom orders! The items came in a great resealable bag. I will definately be buying items from her in the future!!!!

She has been gracious enough to let one lucky person win one free item from her store! Check out her Etsy Shop! You have five ways to enter. You can enter until Friday, May 7 at 9pm. The winner will be announced shortly after. I will e-mail the winner to get their address and information. Good luck to everyone!

Ways to enter:
1. General Entry (fill out the form below and do not pick any of the extra entry choices)
2. Join Sara B Creations fan page
3. Join Lizzie's Lovelies fan page
4. Follow Sara B Creations blog (click on the blog and them click on follow once on her blog page)
5. Follow Lizzie's Lovelies blog

If you are already a follower or fan, than you can enter those ways also! Good luck to everyone!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Major Freak Out!!!!!

So, this morning I had a major freak out that I thought I would share with all of you. Joshy and I were having breakfast. He had wanted an egg this morning. I have been trying to get him to want one at least once a week to get him more used to them since he had "outgrown his allergy". He had, much to my suprise, eaten his WHOLE egg and wanted another one. I happily made him a second one. He was half way through the second one when I notice him stratching. He had only a diaper on since he had wet his clothes sometime during the night. I pull out his chair and red blotches were all over his entire stomach!!!

I was starting to get worried. I took him out of his seat and his whole back was covered in red bloches too!

His mouth was also blochy.

I took the pictures so if the allergist asked me "what exactly did it look like" I could show him. Gave him a bath and got some benadryl in him. Then, it was time to call the allergist. The nurse was very suprised but said, "Don't let him eat any more eggs" (I had already figured that one out!) and that they would call later to let us know what else to do. Thankfully, his bloches went away after about a half an hour......but Mommy can't take this happening very often!!!! He is now sound asleep.....he feel asleep in less than five minutes and I have a feeling the benadryl has some to do with that.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The item I won!!!

This is the beautiful foor plaque that I won from SnickerDoodle Kids Art!!!! All I did was tell her my son's name and a theme and she came up with this wonderful plaque!!!! She also makes really cute bow holders....perfect to hold Lizzie's Lovelies Bows!!! Please visit her at or join her facebook page at!/pages/Evansville-IN/SnickerDoodle-Kids-Art/197427879062?ref=ts. Please tell her you came from seeing her work on here!

Friday, April 23, 2010

New Giveaway Coming Soon!!!!

Do you LOVE giveaways!!!!???? I know I do!!! I LOVE to win free, cool stuff! Well, starting next Friday, April 30th, I will be holding my first giveaway and review of someone else's shop!!!! I am sooooooo excited!!!! You will have several different ways to enter and the drawing for a name will be done by Make sure to follow my blog so you can sign up for a chance to win this awesome giveaway.

Need something to enter until then? Check out this blog and enter to win this AWESOME table. Tell them Lizzie's Lovelies sent you!!!


I WON TODAY!!!!! I never win anything and because of Deal Wise Mommy (wonderful site, her button is on the side and if you like to win free stuff make sure to join her blog!:) and Snickerdoodle kids art ( I won a great sign for Joshy's room!!! It is going to be designed with different sports balls on it (I know, Joshy's all time favorite thing!) I can't wait to see it and I will definately post a pic once I get it.
Joshy was also excited today because Grandma and Grandpa Eighmey got him a really cool big wheel (more like a tricycle but they wanted a big wheel). HE LOVES IT!!! His legs are too short so he can't quite reach the pedals but he has learned how to push using his feet! He was having soooooo much fun riding it and playing with Grandma! I only took video today since he was soooo cute but I will try to get some pics tomorrow to post.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Opinion's wanted!!!!

So, I made a new headband tonight. I REALLY like it....for myself, but I want to know what my customers think. Would you buy this for yourself (an adult)? Would you buy this for your baby? Would you buy this for your daughter (grade school, middle school, or high school)? Please let me know what you think so I can decide if I should add these to my store. Thanks so much!!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Lizzie's Lovelies has all new SALE items!!! They are all items that are perfect for the month of May!!! Mary Bows, Mother's Day Bow, and Patriotic Bows are all included at 25% off!!!! I have also lowered my shipping costs, so come and check out the wonderful sales!!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Swing Set!

Make sure to come back tomorrow for some wonderful Mother's Day items!!!

Well, after 20 hours of work, the swing set STILL isn't done!!! But, it is good enough for Joshy to get to play on it!! So, here are some pictures of Joshy playing on his new swing set.

The new swing set

Joshy was sooooo excited he was jumping up and down!!!

Joshy LOVES the swings!

Joshy climbing up his new ramp!

He LOVES the slide!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Some great Mother's Day Picks!

I have been looking around Etsy and have found some wonderful Mother's Day Gifts! If you still need something for Mother's Day, check out one of these GREAT sites!
This is a wonderful card for your mom!
This is a great necklace for your mom!
This would be a perfect gift for your special Grandma! I like to give my son's grandma's and Aunt's gifts on Mother's Day and this would be a great one!
A beautiful pair of earrings!
This is a great grandma bracelet!
This is a beautiful locket!
This is a very pretty wall cross!
This is a very beautiful purse and it has free shipping!
This is a great statue of Mary!
This is a really cute pair of bobby pins!
And I had to add just one last one that would be perfect for any mom with a beautiful little daughter!

I hope you like the items I have chosen and please visit all of these wonderful shops and see all the wonderful items they have for sale!!