Friday, April 30, 2010

Review and Giveaway for Sara B Creations!!!!

This is a wonderful Etsy Site that I have found! Sara makes beautiful handmade cards, bookmarks, and tags!

She sent me a bookmark with my name on it that I LOVE!!! Currently I was using a sales ad and am so excited to now have this gorgeous bookmark!

She also sent me this cute card! I love the cupcake design and that the ribbon has glitter on it! This would be the perfect card for a baby girl shower gift!! It is also the perfect size to attach to the front of a gift or gift bag to make it more personal!

The last item was a beautiful gift tag! It has music notes with green sparkles surrounding them. I really like the size of the tag too! It is big enough that you could write a message on it when giving it on a gift!

Sara B has tons of lovely cards and tags on her etsy site. She is also willing to do custom orders! The items came in a great resealable bag. I will definately be buying items from her in the future!!!!

She has been gracious enough to let one lucky person win one free item from her store! Check out her Etsy Shop! You have five ways to enter. You can enter until Friday, May 7 at 9pm. The winner will be announced shortly after. I will e-mail the winner to get their address and information. Good luck to everyone!

Ways to enter:
1. General Entry (fill out the form below and do not pick any of the extra entry choices)
2. Join Sara B Creations fan page
3. Join Lizzie's Lovelies fan page
4. Follow Sara B Creations blog (click on the blog and them click on follow once on her blog page)
5. Follow Lizzie's Lovelies blog

If you are already a follower or fan, than you can enter those ways also! Good luck to everyone!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Major Freak Out!!!!!

So, this morning I had a major freak out that I thought I would share with all of you. Joshy and I were having breakfast. He had wanted an egg this morning. I have been trying to get him to want one at least once a week to get him more used to them since he had "outgrown his allergy". He had, much to my suprise, eaten his WHOLE egg and wanted another one. I happily made him a second one. He was half way through the second one when I notice him stratching. He had only a diaper on since he had wet his clothes sometime during the night. I pull out his chair and red blotches were all over his entire stomach!!!

I was starting to get worried. I took him out of his seat and his whole back was covered in red bloches too!

His mouth was also blochy.

I took the pictures so if the allergist asked me "what exactly did it look like" I could show him. Gave him a bath and got some benadryl in him. Then, it was time to call the allergist. The nurse was very suprised but said, "Don't let him eat any more eggs" (I had already figured that one out!) and that they would call later to let us know what else to do. Thankfully, his bloches went away after about a half an hour......but Mommy can't take this happening very often!!!! He is now sound asleep.....he feel asleep in less than five minutes and I have a feeling the benadryl has some to do with that.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The item I won!!!

This is the beautiful foor plaque that I won from SnickerDoodle Kids Art!!!! All I did was tell her my son's name and a theme and she came up with this wonderful plaque!!!! She also makes really cute bow holders....perfect to hold Lizzie's Lovelies Bows!!! Please visit her at or join her facebook page at!/pages/Evansville-IN/SnickerDoodle-Kids-Art/197427879062?ref=ts. Please tell her you came from seeing her work on here!

Friday, April 23, 2010

New Giveaway Coming Soon!!!!

Do you LOVE giveaways!!!!???? I know I do!!! I LOVE to win free, cool stuff! Well, starting next Friday, April 30th, I will be holding my first giveaway and review of someone else's shop!!!! I am sooooooo excited!!!! You will have several different ways to enter and the drawing for a name will be done by Make sure to follow my blog so you can sign up for a chance to win this awesome giveaway.

Need something to enter until then? Check out this blog and enter to win this AWESOME table. Tell them Lizzie's Lovelies sent you!!!


I WON TODAY!!!!! I never win anything and because of Deal Wise Mommy (wonderful site, her button is on the side and if you like to win free stuff make sure to join her blog!:) and Snickerdoodle kids art ( I won a great sign for Joshy's room!!! It is going to be designed with different sports balls on it (I know, Joshy's all time favorite thing!) I can't wait to see it and I will definately post a pic once I get it.
Joshy was also excited today because Grandma and Grandpa Eighmey got him a really cool big wheel (more like a tricycle but they wanted a big wheel). HE LOVES IT!!! His legs are too short so he can't quite reach the pedals but he has learned how to push using his feet! He was having soooooo much fun riding it and playing with Grandma! I only took video today since he was soooo cute but I will try to get some pics tomorrow to post.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Opinion's wanted!!!!

So, I made a new headband tonight. I REALLY like it....for myself, but I want to know what my customers think. Would you buy this for yourself (an adult)? Would you buy this for your baby? Would you buy this for your daughter (grade school, middle school, or high school)? Please let me know what you think so I can decide if I should add these to my store. Thanks so much!!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Lizzie's Lovelies has all new SALE items!!! They are all items that are perfect for the month of May!!! Mary Bows, Mother's Day Bow, and Patriotic Bows are all included at 25% off!!!! I have also lowered my shipping costs, so come and check out the wonderful sales!!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Swing Set!

Make sure to come back tomorrow for some wonderful Mother's Day items!!!

Well, after 20 hours of work, the swing set STILL isn't done!!! But, it is good enough for Joshy to get to play on it!! So, here are some pictures of Joshy playing on his new swing set.

The new swing set

Joshy was sooooo excited he was jumping up and down!!!

Joshy LOVES the swings!

Joshy climbing up his new ramp!

He LOVES the slide!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Some great Mother's Day Picks!

I have been looking around Etsy and have found some wonderful Mother's Day Gifts! If you still need something for Mother's Day, check out one of these GREAT sites!
This is a wonderful card for your mom!
This is a great necklace for your mom!
This would be a perfect gift for your special Grandma! I like to give my son's grandma's and Aunt's gifts on Mother's Day and this would be a great one!
A beautiful pair of earrings!
This is a great grandma bracelet!
This is a beautiful locket!
This is a very pretty wall cross!
This is a very beautiful purse and it has free shipping!
This is a great statue of Mary!
This is a really cute pair of bobby pins!
And I had to add just one last one that would be perfect for any mom with a beautiful little daughter!

I hope you like the items I have chosen and please visit all of these wonderful shops and see all the wonderful items they have for sale!!

Please vote for me!

I have entered a contest on facebook! I have posted a picture of my I Love Mommy bow at the Mommy the Marketer. The picture that I posted is below. Please use the link below to go on and put a comment about my bow! Thanks so much!!/MommyMarketer?ref=ts

I will be holding a giveaway for another Etsy Store soon! It will begin April 30th so make sure to keep checking back to you can register for it and hear all about this wonderful shop!

Well, today was day 2 of swing set installation....we still have another day to go! Hopefully, tomorrow, Joshy will get to swing and slide in his own backyard!

Joshy also got a haircut today! His hair was really long and thick! His new haircut is really I have included a picture!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Three new bows!!!

Over the last few days, I have made almost 30 new bows! I will slowly be adding them to my site. Here are the first three that were added today!

First is a camo bow! Perfect for a girl with a bunch of brothers!

The second and third one are patriotic bows!

The Big Patriotic Bow

The Small Patriotic Bow

Both of the bows! A perfect combo for a big and little sister!

I was very lucky to have my beautiful models over for a visit yesterday so they modeled the new bows! Hope you like them all!

$1.00 Shipping!

Buy the bows and headbands you want and shipping will be $1.00!!!!

Put the items you want in your cart and check-out. In the message to buyer make sure to put what type of clips you want on your bows and put your facebook name or blog name. I will refund you your shipping cost except for $1.00!!!!

Tell your friends and family about this great offer!!! All they have to do to be elligible is follow my blog or become a facebook fan!! Also, once I reach 30 sales I will be doing another giveaway! I am thinking maybe a gift certificate this time.

This offer is good for a limited time......SO ORDER NOW!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Winner and New Blog Look!

Congratulations to Kathleen for winning the contest!!! Our next contest will be when I reach 30 sales!!!

A HUGE, HUGE, HUGE thank you to Anne!!! She is helping to give my blog an awesome new look! She is helping me add buttons and created a button for me! My blog is looking awesome and I am so thankful for her help!!!!

Please pray for my back. It has really been hurting since yesterday and seems to be getting worse. Thankfully my mother-in-law lives in town and is wonderful and willing to help out, so I might be calling on her tomorrow. Please pray that I wake up with a non-hurting back!

We had our wonderful friends over tonight and Joshy was thrilled to get to see "His Evie". Evie and Bella were wonderful enough to pose for some great pictures with my new bows. I have added one of Evie for you....hope you like it! I REALLY like this bow!! I can also make it with I Love Daddy, My Aunt (or Auntie), Grandma, or God Mommy!! Evie might be getting an I love my God Mommy one from her god mommy!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


We got WONDERFUL news today!!! My son has outgrown his peanut allergy!!! My son is allergic to a lot of stuff for being only 2 years old....the list was eggs, peanuts, milk, walnut, and pecans. He has now tested out of both eggs and peanuts! YEAH!!! Personally, I can live with him being allergic to walnuts and pecans since those are tree nuts and easier to avoid then other stuff! I am hoping that he outgrows the milk allergy! The picture above is Joshy eating a piece of peanut butter toast! For dinner we celebrated by having grilled peanut butter, one of my all time favorites! On Friday, our good friends are throwing us a peanut butter and jelly party!

Funny line from Joshy this morning: He was extremely grumpy this morning because we had to wake him up to go to the allergist. He wouldn't smile at anyone. So finally I asked him if he was going to smile at anyone today? He responded, "smile at Evie". Evie is my one-year-old god daughter!

Monday, April 12, 2010

New Bows!!!

Here are some pictures of some new bows I have made! They are not posted on Etsy yet. Please let me know what you think of them! All are also available for sale so if you like one, just let me know! I hope you enjoy these new bows! All bows will be sealed with fray check before rephotographing for my shop! These are just some special preview shots!

These are four new First Communion Bows!

The pin on this one is colored. The biggest loops are 3 inches and the smaller loops are 2 inches.

The pin on this one is gold. The biggest loops are 2 inches and the smaller loops are 1 inch.

The pin on this one is colored. The biggest loops are 2 inches and the smaller loops are 1 inch.

The pin on this one is silver. The two big loops are 3 inches and the one smaller loop is 1 inch.

These two bows would be great to wear to church or for a sibling of a First Communicant.

The three big loops are 3 inches and the two smaller loops are 2 inches.

The three big loops are 2 inches and the two smaller loops are 1 inch.

These are my two patriotic bows! They are both about 2 inches on each side.

Please let me know which bows you like or LOVE and then I will know which ones to post on Etsy! If you want to buy one, let me know!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Busy, busy weekend!!

Do you ever have a weekend where Sunday night rolls around and you are almost looking forward to Monday to get back to normal?! Note: I said ALMOST looking forward to Monday!

We had a very busy, long weekend. My husband took off work Friday and we went to CoCo Key which is an indoor water park. My son, Joshy, has been terrified of all non-bath water forever but had seemed to start liking it more recently so we decided to give this a try. He LOVED it! He spent the whole day in the water, splashing, and going down water slides! We went with great friends of ours so he had a blast getting to spend time with them too! We didn't get home until really late that night, but it was a very fun day!

Saturday, my niece, became my God Daughter! First niece, Second God Daughter and what a wonderful blessing!! We are so blessed to have all of our nephews and now our niece in our lives and to get the special blessing of also being her God parent is so wonderful! We love and adore all of our God children and we are so happy to have Regina (Gia) joining this special group!
Today, my husband and father-in-law went to get the new swing set that we were transplanting to our yard.....unfortunately, it didn't go as planned. So, now we have many parts of a swing set in our yard and, hopefully, next weekend will get a new swing set. I told my father-in-law and husband that they will be getting calls from Joshy everytime this week he gets upset about having the pieces but not a swing set!

Getting ready to go watch the season premiere of Army Wives!!!! I didn't realize it started tonight until about 6 today so I am glad that I saw the article about one of the characters today! I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend and that your week is wonderful too! And remember to sign up for the giveaway!!!


Hello Fans!!! We have hit 200 fans on my facebook page!!! To enter, go to Lizzie's Lovelies at
Pick out your favorite item and leave the link in the comment section of this post. You have until Wednesday, 10:30pm to register. Winner will be announced shortly after. One winner will be picked by If we reach 250 facebook fans before Wednesday, then I will pick two winners! Good luck to everyone! I can't wait to see everyone's favorite items!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Some bows from Lizzie's Lovelies

I have started to make some bows that match different outfits. These bows match this cute gymboree outfits!

This is one of my bows that comes with the headband! You get the bow and the headband for a lower price then buying them seperately!

This is one of my St. Therese bows! I really love this ribbon with the blue flowers on it!