Saturday, May 1, 2010

Plastic Canvas Blocks

I recently put up a new item in my Etsy Shop which is a set of alphabet blocks made of plastic canvas. The money from the sale will go to Elizabeth's New Life Center which is a wonderful organization here in Ohio that helps to protect the lives of unborn babies and also provides the parents with classes to help them learn how to care for their new bundle of joy. My grandfather helped this organization for the time that it started so the money will be given in his name since he passed away a few months ago. I am also excited because I was finally able to feature my sweet little boy on Etsy!!! He is the model in the pictures on the site. Here are the pictures of the blocks.

I have also made some other blocks which I might, in the future, be putting on Etsy. My husband's aunt made him and two of his brothers (he had one brother that wasn't born yet) plastic cubes for the christmas tree with their names on them. My nephew LOVED his Daddy's, so I made him one....and then made one for almost everyone in the family! Maybe this year I will make one for me! Here are pics of Gia's and Joshy's blocks.

The final set of blocks are blocks that are personalized for the child's name. Each block has 4 sides of one letter of their name with a pattern on the top and bottom. So far, I have been able to get a different pattern for each block, but I hope to one day do a whole alphabet with 26 blocks and I don't know if I can come up with that many different patterns. The girl ones are pink and purple and the boy ones are light blue and dark blue. Here are a few pictures of girl ones and boy ones.

When I named my shop, I wanted something that would allow me to sell other items, not just bows. I am waiting to see if my alphabet set sells....if it does, I might like individual blocks that people could pick letters for their kids names (I would show pics of done ones and have them ready except for the letters so that once I got an order, all I would need to do is add the letters and sew it together), like I did for Regina's (Gia) and James. I might also put up the Chistmas blocks closer to Christmas but those are limited to 6 letters. Let me know what you think! I always love to hear feedback from the people who would be buying the items!


  1. They're lovely Lizzie! Such a range of colours!

  2. I love them! I blogged about them. I hope that's ok.

  3. Thank you so much for the kind blog!!! I am going to post the link on my fan page!

  4. Thank you! We're going to name him Ethan and currently thinking of a middle name. I was looking forward to using your bows too - baby #2!

  5. I cut a artificial arrangement out of plastic canvas the sizes that I wish if finished. I use these as guides to pin the activity to the Styrofoam.