Saturday, August 21, 2010

Going to Start Posting More Often:)

Sorry that this blog has been so neglected:(

My goal from now on is to be more active!!! I have come up with a new idea for my business but need some input on it!!! I am thinking of starting a crochet flower club. You would get three crochet flowers, one for each of the three months (the first three months would be Oct., Nov., and Dec.) for $12. That is $1 cheaper than them individually and with FREE SHIPPING!!! Orders would be due by Sept. 20th and all three crochet flowers would be mailed out on Oct. 1. You would get to have some choices on the buttons or color of flowers but some would be set by me. Would you be interested? If this goes well, then every three months, I would offer a new selection. Please let me know your thoughts! Would you purchase this?? Would you recommend to friends?? Please let me know....that way I can decide if I want to give this a try or not!!! Thanks!! Below are some samples of my crochet flowers.


  1. Hi I think that is a cute idea do these flowers have pins on them or are they plain?
    I understand about the blog thing, I am going to try and get a schedule like a lot of my successful blogging friends do then its more organized, its worth a try, I just have to find all these rhyming things Motivational Monday, Mostly business Monday, well you get the drift!

    Take care


  2. Most people have wanted them for their little girls hair so they pick alligator clips or rubber bands. I do have pins too though so people could pin them to themselves or their purse or whatever!