Monday, January 3, 2011

Need some help!!!

Hello all of my friends and customers!!! I need your help.

I am trying to decide what direction to take my business.....making more new stuff, sticking with one or two types of bows (sizes), continuing with all the sizes and styles and sometimes adding new stuff, or just closing my shop all together. So, what do you guys think?? What would you like to change? What would make you want to buy? What kind of freebies or incentives would you like? Or do you just not like what is being offered and think I should close up shop.

I am looking to know what the customers want, so now is your chance to let your opinion be heard! Thanks!


  1. Don't close up.If you are passionate about it and love doing it,I say keep doing it.
    I went through the same thing.You will find what your customers like and know what to expound on.
    What colors you are selling verses what styles.
    Everyone says try one thing and focus on that.But the more you have to offer in variety,the more sales and the more you find out what your customers like.Sometimes the least likely things you make end up being your bread and butter.So has been the case for me.I worked on improving my old stuff and making new stuff with "how to" on Youtube.
    I say persevere,you have accomplished great things this past year!

  2. Thanks so much Peace 2 U!! I love creating new things...just don't have anyone buying old stuff or new stuff right now.

  3. You're welcome!:)
    Usually it starts back up in March.Everyone is broke Jan. and Feb.,you might have a spurt for Valentines.
    Is Rodeo big where you live this time of year?
    That kind of stuff sells well here this time of year,like things with horses or other farm animals or prints.Cow print,bandana,etc.

  4. PLEASE don't close!!! Whatever would I do without your awesome bows!!! I really think everything is slow right now. I personally like just regular bows of different colors. Sophie's favorites are the small bows I bought when she was first born. Just the normal cute bows. :)

  5. You need to at least give it a year, I went to your shop and see nothing for sale on etsy, I say stay at it...I have not been here a year myself, next Month on the 15 will be my 1 year anniversary, things are slow but if you keep at it things will be better.

  6. Sweetybird- I no longer sell on etsy. I now have a website instead. It is much, much cheaper than Etsy was.

    Holly- I will always be willing to make stuff for Sophie:) I am looking for a wooden heart and shamrock but haven't found anything yet!

    Peace- rodeo isn't big here...I am in Ohio. I might make a few superbowl bows and I also do Catholic bows so spring is the time for First Communion Bows. I am hoping to sell some for Valentines day....we will just have to wait and see!

  7. ohhh, if the Patriots make the Superbowl, I will def be needing a bow!!!! If you find some cute ribbon instead of the wooden shapes, that would work too!!

  8. Holly- I will send you the ribbon that I have for Valentine's Day and for St. Patrick's Day a little later today!