Thursday, April 29, 2010

Major Freak Out!!!!!

So, this morning I had a major freak out that I thought I would share with all of you. Joshy and I were having breakfast. He had wanted an egg this morning. I have been trying to get him to want one at least once a week to get him more used to them since he had "outgrown his allergy". He had, much to my suprise, eaten his WHOLE egg and wanted another one. I happily made him a second one. He was half way through the second one when I notice him stratching. He had only a diaper on since he had wet his clothes sometime during the night. I pull out his chair and red blotches were all over his entire stomach!!!

I was starting to get worried. I took him out of his seat and his whole back was covered in red bloches too!

His mouth was also blochy.

I took the pictures so if the allergist asked me "what exactly did it look like" I could show him. Gave him a bath and got some benadryl in him. Then, it was time to call the allergist. The nurse was very suprised but said, "Don't let him eat any more eggs" (I had already figured that one out!) and that they would call later to let us know what else to do. Thankfully, his bloches went away after about a half an hour......but Mommy can't take this happening very often!!!! He is now sound asleep.....he feel asleep in less than five minutes and I have a feeling the benadryl has some to do with that.


  1. he's a cutie pie :-) Lol...imagine the lady telling you not to feed him eggs anymore, sounds like a no-brainer to me!

  2. I am glad it all went well with your son, I especially love the finger in the belly button in the pictures above...too cute!

  3. So glad to hear that he's doing ok. You're a great mama!

  4. Aw! Thank God he's OK! Hope you've recovered from the panic!

  5. What a cutie pie!! So glad he's okay!! So glad you've got it under control and knew what to do!! :)

    Donna :)