Friday, April 23, 2010


I WON TODAY!!!!! I never win anything and because of Deal Wise Mommy (wonderful site, her button is on the side and if you like to win free stuff make sure to join her blog!:) and Snickerdoodle kids art ( I won a great sign for Joshy's room!!! It is going to be designed with different sports balls on it (I know, Joshy's all time favorite thing!) I can't wait to see it and I will definately post a pic once I get it.
Joshy was also excited today because Grandma and Grandpa Eighmey got him a really cool big wheel (more like a tricycle but they wanted a big wheel). HE LOVES IT!!! His legs are too short so he can't quite reach the pedals but he has learned how to push using his feet! He was having soooooo much fun riding it and playing with Grandma! I only took video today since he was soooo cute but I will try to get some pics tomorrow to post.

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