Sunday, April 11, 2010

Busy, busy weekend!!

Do you ever have a weekend where Sunday night rolls around and you are almost looking forward to Monday to get back to normal?! Note: I said ALMOST looking forward to Monday!

We had a very busy, long weekend. My husband took off work Friday and we went to CoCo Key which is an indoor water park. My son, Joshy, has been terrified of all non-bath water forever but had seemed to start liking it more recently so we decided to give this a try. He LOVED it! He spent the whole day in the water, splashing, and going down water slides! We went with great friends of ours so he had a blast getting to spend time with them too! We didn't get home until really late that night, but it was a very fun day!

Saturday, my niece, became my God Daughter! First niece, Second God Daughter and what a wonderful blessing!! We are so blessed to have all of our nephews and now our niece in our lives and to get the special blessing of also being her God parent is so wonderful! We love and adore all of our God children and we are so happy to have Regina (Gia) joining this special group!
Today, my husband and father-in-law went to get the new swing set that we were transplanting to our yard.....unfortunately, it didn't go as planned. So, now we have many parts of a swing set in our yard and, hopefully, next weekend will get a new swing set. I told my father-in-law and husband that they will be getting calls from Joshy everytime this week he gets upset about having the pieces but not a swing set!

Getting ready to go watch the season premiere of Army Wives!!!! I didn't realize it started tonight until about 6 today so I am glad that I saw the article about one of the characters today! I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend and that your week is wonderful too! And remember to sign up for the giveaway!!!


  1. Wow - you did have a busy day! Love the pictures =)

  2. Okay - Blogger told me my comment didn't post =p but I see that both of them did post *rolls eyes* Oh, well *winks* great blog post!

  3. Thanks so much Kathleen! Is was busy but tons of fun!